How To Love Yourself

Sometimes you feel like you are a failure. You feel like you can’t move forward anymore, and the entire world is pulling you backward. Too much pressure. It’s hard to bear. Everyone faces this situation one time or another in life. If you can hold and pass that time you will win. You can move forward. Afterward in your life, you can turn back and see at that hard time. You will feel pure pleasure about how well you have managed it.

But very few people handle this and make it to success. Most people choose defeat. Then they spend their entire life suffering. Some other people decide to give up entirely. They escape from this world, and it doesn’t make any good to themselves or their loved ones. Today I am going to share some points you can use in a situation like that. After reading this I hope you will see life from a different angle. And before giving up you will reconsider your decision.

The answer is love. Love can change your life. In the hardest situations, love will give you the strength to stand up on your feet. You can love others and others will love you. Unconditional love is one of the main things to live for. But I’m not talking about that love. Before you love others and felt love from others, you should be worthy to give it and have it. So to become a worthy man or woman to have love, first, you must love yourself. In this article, I will show you how to love yourself. I found these points mostly from experience and after talking with some successful and enjoy every second of their life people.

Best 10 Ways On How To Love Yourself And Be Confident Again

My little disclaimer – The points I’m describing worked really well for me. I think you will also get really good results. But to some these points may not work. Get what’s best for you.

1. Don’t compare yourself with others

Don’t compare yourself with others - how to love yourself

Modern society is trying to create a competition of life. To them, everything is a race. You are the players of this unwanted race. Everyone trying to be the first. While doing it they are forgetting every human value. If you get out of this race, you will find out how beautiful life is. But I’m not saying you drop off your academic work and just wait. NO No. You are unique. First, you should understand that. In this world, there isn’t anyone like you. Others have their own, unique skill set. But there is only one you.

So the thing you have to do is do your best. And then wait for others to place you at your earned place. I assure you if you do your best and with your uniqueness, you will be in your right place happily soon. But when you can do better, if you wait lazily afterward you will remember, “Oh, I could do better. But what a lazy idiot I was.” With those thoughts, you will suffer lifelong.

So do your best. Time and the universe do the rest. With a mind, I did my best, even if you did not get the best place, you will understand I did my best so I can go up from this place I got. If you do not get what you love, learn to love what you got. You will not have any negative thoughts. Try it yourself. Do your best. But never compare yourself with others.

2. Find Out Your Passion

Sign board saying "What are you passionate about?"

You have to work for your living. So why spend 30 or 40 years of your life with a job you don’t want to do? Now you may say, “Yah, you give me a job I like?” No. It’s not like that. My point is if you find what is your true passion, you will find your dream job. Maybe you really like and good at arts. You do not like math. But you are doing math for higher studies because everyone says, there are really paid jobs in that field. What is the point if you paid high if you can’t enjoy your job? You have to work there a lifetime. After some years you will start to regret. And it’s also a lie. Good artists earn fortunes by their work. Every field you love to do there are good jobs you can earn high. And you can work happily. You will love yourself because you fell this is what you are born for to do.

From your early age others set you some targets. “Be an engineer, be a doctor, be a businessman and make us proud…., this is family culture, so do this ,do that….” You may heard those kind of words in your life. It is a common problem we all face. Most of our guardians do not look at these things in our perspective. They are trying to achieve their dreams by us.(Not everyone, and it’s fair sometimes) My advice, Do not argue or quarrel with them. It will make worse the problems. Talk with them. Tell them what you like to do and tell them how good you at those things. Tell them the opportunities in your passion field. They will understand and they will help you go there. But if you argue and do whatever you like, you have to face abundance of your beloved once. It hurts. I know.

If you are already doing the works in a field that is not your passion, because of someone else words or no other options, try these things. If you still have time to change and still can have a good and comfortable living, try to go to your dream job. But if it’s too late, start to love what you get. Do your passion as a hobby in your leisure time. I assure you, if you start love your job it will love you someday. Maybe destiny can lead us to wonderful places.

3. Past is Past – You Can’t Change It

“You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.” - How to love yourself quotes

If your reason to read my words is, because you feel like your past is swallowing you, your future and your happiness, I may have few words for you. Past is past. You can’t change it or erase it. You should understand that. If you do not realize it, you will end up in a really bad shape. When you realize my point you may think I’m too late. Well. It’s never late. You can forget the past. Keep the happy and good memories and forget everything else. Start fresh.

When you keep some of your good memories (If your misery starts with good memories ), they can give you some little pain. But I think that pain is the thing, that keeps us as humans. You can bear the pain in a little time. After a time you will not feel any pain. That pain will shape you to a better version. You will love yourself. You can see and be happy about the good parts.

Forget all of bad and negative things of your past. Then look at yourself. You will see how strong you are. Go to cinema alone and watch a movie. Go to a restaurant and eat something alone. You will understand the strengths of yours. Then you can move forward with the newfound strength and courage. You will find new opportunities and new friends. No. If you face your fears and forget all of your past, opportunities and friends will find you. Give them a chance. You will understand how wonderful the life is.

Remember this. Past is past. You can’t do a damn thing about it. But right you can start creating new happy memories. One day you can look back at them and you will understand how good your life was.

4. Accept Yourself

To love yourself you should be able to accept yourself first. I can describe it like this. Sometimes you fail, you feel stupid and everything you do get wrong so you get the blame. But how bad you are some of your true friends still remains with you. Think they are not with you. But in most cases at least your family stay with you. Now think, why is that? Why they still with you and still love you?

They just saw you fail but they are still with you. That’s because they have accepted you whatever you did. But did you do that to yourself? Think about it. Did you see the thing others see on you. Instead of thinking “I’m a failure, I can’t do this or I’m stupid” you can think “I failed this time but I never fail again, I don’t know this yet that’s why I feel like idiot but I will learn this and I will do it perfectly”. To think like that and to accept your good or bad you don’t cost anything.

After you accepting yourself I don’t say to think like “Oh I know who am I, I know I can’t do this” .No. Now you know what you are. What’s your potential. Then again remember thee first lesson I told you. Don’t compare yourself with others when you see who you are. You can change anything. You know how to face problems. So develop yourself. You will surprise about the capacity you can take. You will love more to yourself.

5. Find some good friends

Hmmm… Now you may wonder about this? To love myself why I need some friends. Simple. When you understand no one is perfect, you will see making mistakes is normal. But you have to focus on one word in my topic. GOOD. Yeah. They must be genuinely good friends. If you are a lone wolf you may not understand this yet. If you have a friend and if you think he is way better than you, you are again in a wrong understanding. First, you should not compare yourself with others. Think again. Your perfect friend have made some mistakes too.

Presently how about we get serious. This is the place the genuine test begins. It’s an id eal opportunity to perceive the purpose for your negative mental self portrait and terrible decisions from quite a while ago. What’s more, you have to plunge profoundly in the event that you need to figure out how to cherish yourself once more.

You may have the option to acknowledge the way that you have a clouded side. Truly, everybody commits errors. Everybody thinks negative considerations now and again. There’s nothing amiss with you. Be that as it may, would you be able to cherish this clouded side of yours? All things considered, you can’t arrive at the self esteem status in the event that you can’t acknowledge the entire of you.

It’s pivotal to rehearse contemplation and reflection for this situation. Set aside the effort to unwind and go not far off of your past so as to serenely return to those minutes that you lament and feel negative about. Will undoubtedly be an explanation, a trigger behind your activities and conduct. Also, your errand is to discover those.

For example, you may discover your awful sentimental decisions from an earlier time. You despise your conduct from in those days and the harmfulness, all things considered, However, you arrive at the resolution that you clutched this relationship since you expected to feel cherished in any capacity accessible by then. This is the explanation for your activities however not the reason.

Converse with the youngster in you

When you concede the reasons why you carried on the manner in which you did to yourself, you ought to record them. This will help you on a significantly longer excursion to your adolescence. What’s more, it’s in your youth past where all the causes hide and stow away.

Ask yourself whether you’ve been a survivor of tormenting or under a narcissistic impact of a power figure. Question the moralities and qualities that were ingrained in you to grow up with. Investigate the relationship with your folks and kin. Regardless of whether those connections were solid and adoring, you may recognize the blasting example of attempting to put every other person’s needs before your own. Have you at any point felt embarrassed for being egotistical as a youngster, or being denounced as narrow minded? What sort of desires did you need to satisfy? Investigate every possibility.

Digging into your past to the extent your youth will give you a significant understanding into what your identity is and how you became. It will make it simpler for you to distinguish personal conduct standards that have frequently prompted self-hatred, helpless certainty, and terrible mental self view. Also, when you’re mindful of the long procedure you took to turning out to be what your identity is, you’ll acclimate and bond with yourself really. Grasp the youngster you were so as to grasp the grown-up you are presently.

6. Pick what you trust in

You may have a solid strict conviction, be an energetic science devotee or appreciate the idea of enchantment – or, you may be every one of the three. The fact of the matter is, you pick what you have confidence in, and which is all well and good. In that regard, it is just your decision what you will accept about yourself.

You may be amazed to get familiar with this, yet people understanding about 70% pessimistic considerations out of all that they think regularly. This is a characteristic procedure of stressing and fears that our mind uses as a guard component. Without it, you may believe that taking a dip in a waterway during a blustery night is a smart thought, who knows. The issue happens when you take this guard component at a presumptive worth with respect to each and every negative idea you may have about yourself.

How about we put it like this – you have a proper event to go to. Clearly you need to dress officially. In the event that you put on an old pair of pants and filthy shoes and take a gander at your appearance in the mirror.

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