I Must Go Home – Short Inspirational Story about Christmas

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Best Short Inspirational Christmas Stories

Phew. Here we are at another year’s end. How soon does the time go? 2020 is a bit hard year for everyone. There is a dangerous virus out there and we should work wisely. And yes… It’s Christmas. This Christmas is a little different from old ones but it is still Christmas. We can still spread the love of god. Today I’m going to present your Christmas inspirational short story for Christians. This is an inspirational story of Christian faith in god’s love.

I Must Go Home – Best Short Inspirational Christmas Stories

A beautiful Street with christmas decorations, everything calm, people are out in snowy streets happyly. This is  one of the best short inspirational Christmas stories
I must go HOME – best short inspirational Christmas story

He entered the airport and joined the line at the counter. The gleaming digital signs show planes all around the world. He knew his plane should around somewhere on that board so he didn’t search for it.

He kept staring at the giant signboard that letters and numbers moving above the receptionist. All of them together showed the date and time.” 23th December 2020 08:00”. He sighed and looked at the bag he was holding. Just 24 more hours to see them.

He is nervous. What they will say? He never saw the baby for the two years he went off. His wife was pregnant when he left and it was the hardest decision he made. But he had to leave because of his job. And she knew it. He only saw photos of the baby, she sent. He always wanted to go home and see his baby, hold him in his hands and say ” Hey little prince. Here is your daddy”. And his little princess Emma. He didn’t saw her for almost two years. Now he only wanted to go hug all of them and never leave them again.

He has felt guilty; Raising two kids all alone without him should be very hard for her, Jane, his queen. But she never complained. She knew he should go to his job and it was risky.

“Hello, How can I help you?” he came back to earth with that question. Without knowing he had come to the receptionist. She smiled and asked again. ” Can I help you?”

“Yes, I want to go to Minnesota, “He said while looking at the small Christmas tree neat the large desk.

“I’m sorry mister. Didn’t you see the sign there? There is a bad snowstorm in all over MN so all planes are canceled for three days. You can’t go there until we start again.”

Everything went upside down. He felt like everything is fallen. After two years worked hard in the Navy and finally coming home from war-front now he had to wait more days. His backpack suddenly felt heavy. His Christmas presents for Emma, Jane, and little Alex were there. He should go home before Christmas Eve.

“Is there any plane to small airports, Can you check other services, please? ” He asked. She was looking at his face. and she saw how his happy smile faded on her news. It was Christmas and she knew how hard not to be home on Christmas.

She looked at her computer. He looked at her face hopefully. Then she turned up her face. He knew what she was going to say by that sad face.
“I’m sorry. There aren’t any planes in 20 hours “He looked again at the giant clock and then he smiled sadly at her and said, “Alright. Thank you and happy Christmas.”

He turned around and went outside the airport. It’s snow falling slowly. Why didn’t he check the news before? He blamed himself. He was worried about them. Do they have enough food? If the storm was kept there they do not have food. He thought.” I’m going somehow to see them before Christmas Eve.

No one was on the streets because of the terrible cold. He put the buttons on his jacket and started to walk.
He didn’t understand what to do. For his family, he should be home this Christmas. He wanted to surprise them. He came all along this far but now he was stuck here. Very sad pain filled his heart.

“I should stay at the airport and tomorrow I can go to Minneapolis. But then I can’t go home until 26. If the storm kept existing it’s impossible to go from there.” He thought.

Everything was calm and quiet. The streets were empty. Seemed like everyone was already at home. Every house on that street was decorated with Christmas decorations. Two kids passed him running and laughing. He remembered his kids again.

He kept walking without a goal but then he stopped. How does anyone miss those giant bells? He looked at the sound and so the big church at the corner of the street. He stared a moment at this glamourous creation and without thinking, entered it.

No one was at the church. But it was decorated for Christmas. Everything was lovely warm and beautiful. He walked to the altar and looked for a moment. He lowered to his knees and closed his eyes, then started to pray. His paying was obvious. Right? He wanted to go home.

At the end of his prayer, he opened his eyes. Then he looked back again at the altar and silently came out of the church. Then he heard it and that sound stopped him. Unmistakably it was a loud horn of a train. Why didn’t he think about that before? There may be a train to MN that he can take.

He started to run. From his experience of the walk he had in the town before, he had an idea about where the railway station was. He heard the loud horn of the train. Was he too late?

The snow was thick. It’s hard to run. But he managed to enter the railway station finally. He asked about trains to MN from the counter. The man at the counter showed the first train and it was ready to go. He was there at the last minute. The train is still there. Thank god.

He bought a ticket and climbed up onto the train. As soon as he entered, the doors were closed and the train started to leave. In his mind, he thanked the train drivers who work on these holidays. He sat on an empty seat near a window and took the presents he bought for the children to his lap. For the entire cart, he was the only passenger. That didn’t surprise him. No one doesn’t need to go anywhere on Christmas. He looked at the beautiful but lazy view through the window.

Everything was pure white. It was just 4 PM but darkness started to spread. He knew that the train journey got another 20 valuable hours to arrive in MN. But if he is right it’s better than a plane. He can find a way home from Minneapolis. He silently thanked god to give this ride at least. And he prayed again to see his wife’s lovely face and children’s warmth before Christmas. ”I must go home”. He believed God will help him to make it home before Christmas Eve. His eyes dimmed and he had fallen to sleep.


Thank you for reading the first part. I think now you may think about what will happen to him. Let’s see. Then you can decide if this story is one of the best short inspirational Christmas stories or not.

Part 2

Brother and sister in Christmas. - An inspirational story about Christmas
best short inspiring Christmas stories

A huge storm was blowing. Everything is pure white. Roads were covered with snow. But there was an old sedan slowly moving forward. Driver bent almost near the windscreen to see the road, He did not want to lose the road.

The driver is a police officer. He had to report his workstation.

He cursed again and kept driving to do his job. No one was outside. Especially in this lone area. He was pretty sure no one wanted to be outside this Christmas. He tried to turn on the radio. But he didn’t catch any stations.
Seems the radio too turned against him. He groaned and looked again at the road.

That time he saw it. He almost missed it. There was something at the corner of the road. It’s unusual. So he pressed the brake paddle. Sedan slipped but finally, it stopped. He buttoned his jacket, put his scarf tight around his neck, and got out of the car.

Then he walked to the thing that got his attention. It was a piece of cloth. But he had a sense of a police officer. He bent, grabbed it, and tried to pull the cloth that was buried under the snow. It was heavy. He wiped out and dig the snow quickly. His suspicions were right.

It was a man. He was afraid that he was too late. So he digs and digs. Finally, he managed to get the man out of snow that was deeper than a foot. His body seems frozen. He grabbed his radio from his belt and called for help. But he could not hear any response. He tried again and again, No sign of a radio signal.

 He screamed in anger and put the radio in his pocket. And he didn’t know what to do now. He had a thousand questions in his head. Who is this man? What happened to him on Christmas Eve? The most worrying question was did he live?

He pulled the man to his car and with a huge try and managed to get the man to the back seat. God, He is heavy. He saw a bag in the snow at the last moment. He went to it and opened it. There are a lot of presents on the bad beautifully packed. Is this man Santa? He put the bag on the passenger’s seat in front and closed the doors. He has learned some pre-medicines in his training. But they didn’t teach to treat a man frozen on snow on Christmas eve.

But he didn’t give up. He -prayed to god and started to rub man’s arms and chest. The man was very pale and he can’t see man breathing. He hit to man’s cheeks and rub and rub and tried to warm up the man’s body. He was afraid. Is he too late? He didn’t know how long he was buried under snow. Then he felt a difference. The man was not cold like before. This is Christmas. He believed in god. Miracles happened at Christmas.

He checked the watch. He felt like it was an hour but he realized its only 5 minutes since he started giving medicine. Then it happened. The man started breathing. It was faint but now he was breathing

The police officer smiled in happiness and thanked god again. He saved a life on Christmas. It was a miracle.

In his locker, he had а bottle of wine, which he took for his friends. It was the best he had. He opened the bottle and poured a bit into the stranger’s mouth. It worked. slowly his paleness started to varnish and blood came to his face.

John, the police officer increased the temperature of the heater. He did his best now. He put his coat on the man’s body. Then he went to the front seat, started the engine, and moved forward. He looked back and saw the man fall asleep. Pleased with himself, he looked forward and started driving. He tried to catch a radio station for the second time in the day and to his surprise, he got one now. A beautiful Christmas carol was playing.

He drove another 3 hours. The man in the back seat is now in deep sleep. The man looked very healthy. Now they have passed the jungle area. They passed one or two houses. That’s a sign now they have reached the city limit.

It’s only another two hours to Lanesboro.

The man woke up suddenly. Then he looked everywhere quickly. Finally, his eyes stopped at the cop in the front seat. John saw the man was awakened so he stopped the car. Both of them stared at the moment. They both have loads of questions.

Finally, the man at back remembered. He broke the silence.

“You took me from the snow. I remember now. Thank you” He said.
John smiled a bit.

“Yeah. I saw you sleeping under the snow. You found a good place to have a nap. What happened to you? And what were you doing out there on this storm?”

 Now it turns to man to laugh.

“Whoa, whoa sheriff. First I’m Will. Will McQueancy. I didn’t break the law.” He laughed.

“I’m from Lanesboro and I’m going home for Christmas.”

John stared at him. “I’m John and working in the Lanesboro police department. Nice to meet you. Anyway, why, why you didn’t wait until the storm stopped?”

Will looked at John sadly. “If I waited more I miss Christmas. I must go home to see my kids. I worked in the Navy and retired. Now I’m going home and I must be there before Christmas. What’s the time now? My watch has stopped. I should go. Where we are?”

John looked at the man amazed.

“I don’t know if you are mad or not. What if something happened to you in this storm all alone? Why that’s more important going home than your life? You can go home later. That’s a safe thing.” John asked.

“Maybe, maybe I’m crazy. Some things there are more important than my life. I didn’t go home in two years. We had to stay at the sea on different missions. I didn’t get any chance to contact home for six months. I know I should call now. They maybe think I’m dead. But I know my wife never believe it. I am trying to surprise them. I never saw my baby Alex. He wasn’t born when I left. I needed to see them before Christmas. We can do anything for love. “ Will said.

John stared at him. He was not married. But he understood how badly this man wanted to go home. He never saw a man do things like this. Love is amazing. He started the car, turned back, and looked at Will.

“I have good news. It’s still 5.00. It will only take another hour to Lanesboro. I can drop you in town. I love to go to your house but I have to report to my office before 6. I’m already late. Sorry.”

Will’s face warmed with a happy smile. That’s a very good news story for him. His eyes were gleaming. He sighs in happiness. “That’s the best news I heard in two days. I can go home from there. It’s half an hour’s walk from home. And it’s alright you can’t drop me. We will meet again.  You saved my life.  You did a lot of things already.  God bless you.” He said.

John started driving again without any more words. He drove a bit fast. This man should be at home. He thought. Now the storm was completely off. In the darkness, they could see people going with happy smiles. As they heard that is the first time they came out of their houses after five day storm. Some houses were decorated with simple things people can do in a little time. This year they could not build the giant Christmas tree they are building every year. But even without a Christmas tree or decorations, people are very happy because no more storms to stay them from families and happy neighbors. Silently both of them passed happy houses. Now John didn’t feel angry anymore about working on Christmas Eve. He saved a life and now was is going to bring happiness to a family.

First time in his life, he understood the real meaning of Christmas. Now he too wanted to be a family and raise kids. “Tomorrow,” He thought. “I’m asking her.” He planned. Thinking about how Will sacrificed everything for a family John too needed one.

Silently he decided to propose to his girlfriend, Cristina tomorrow. They had their relationship for four years but both of them didn’t put the first step toward a family. Christmas is the best day for purposing a girl.

“ We are close.” John’s thoughts broke from Will’s happy voice.” I know these places. It’s only a few things changed in two years.” Will said.

“It’s right. Anyway, are you feeling alright now? Do you think you don’t need medical assistance?” John asked.

“I’m a fine friend. I think it won’t be necessary. “

“How you came to the place I found you? I forgot to ask. Flights are not walking. How you came so far?” John asked.

Will laughed. “I caught a train to Minneapolis and then I found a Taxi that agrees to come half the way for double the price. Then I tried to find a vehicle to here but there isn’t any. So I started walking here. I thought I could catch a ride on the way. All places are closed. I walked for 7 hours and didn’t come to any vehicle. The storm was getting harder. There wasn’t any place to go. I didn’t eat anything in 24 hours. Then I think I fainted. I can’t remember anything from then until I woke here.” Will said. “ I think I’m fine now,” He said looking at John’s afraid face. “I’m only nervous now. But I’m so happy”

“Let’s stop and eat something. I think now there may be restaurants open.” John said astonished by this man.

No” Will said. “It’s only taken a few minutes to go there. I don’t want to waste time. Sorry”

John didn’t reply. He understood. In a few minutes, he had to farewell this wonderful man. This man walked seven hours in a snowstorm. That’s unbelievable.

Drop me there” Will spotted a lane with beautiful houses. John parked the car. Both of them got out of the car. There were only a few people outside.
John opened the front side door, took Will’s bag, and put it in Will’s hands. Will stared at it and looked at John. “You saved it. I didn’t see it. I thought I lost it. It’s Christmas presents for them.” Will said, took the bag, and opened the bag.

Then Will put his hand to the bag, took something out, and put it in John’s hand. It was a medal.

“This is one of my medals for bravery in the Navy. Keep this to remember me.”
John looked at it. It was beautiful. Then he took something from his pocket.

“This is my number. Call me later. We will meet again. You are a good father. You must go home now.”

Then John turned and got to his Sedan. He waved and drove away. He knew he found a good friend on Christmas.

Will put that card in his wallet. He looked at the sky. It was amazing. There wasn’t any sign of a storm. Stars had started to gleam in the sky. A breeze started to blow.

He took a deep breath “ I am coming” He muttered and then he walked. It’s 8:00 pm now. He can go home before midnight. He saw a lot of familiar faces in some houses. houses They were decorating houses as they can now. Happy smiles were everywhere.

Some of them recognized him and looked at him astonished. He knew it. Everyone here thought he was dead. But he knew Jane never thought like it. They felt each other. He waved to them but didn’t stop to talk. He can do it later. Now he only needed to see them. Just two more blocks.

Then he saw it. His home. There are not any light bulbs outside. He knew she can’t do that alone. His heart filled with pain. There was a beautiful flower bucket hanging on the door.

He stopped at the door. He waited a few minutes. Everything he did to come here. Now he can’t knock on the door. What they will say when they saw him.

“Mummy, Where are my socks? Alex threw them yesterday”

He heard from inside. His princess. Emma’s voice. He broke a sob. He can’t wait anymore. So he knocked on the door.


The End – Great Short Inspirational Christmas Stories

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This is my first short story. It’s an inspirational short story for Christmas. I want your ideas, complaints, and suggestions to improve my writing. Feel free to comment on anything. I wish you think this story is one of the best short inspirational Christmas stories you heard. I hope my valuable readers help me to keep writing stories like this. See you soon.

Sasindu Jayasri

Update: Now it’s been two years since I wrote this story. Now we have defeated the virus that just started and sped to worldwide when I wrote this story. In these two years, a lot happened. When I re-read this story, I found a lot of mistakes that I have done. Now I am in my second year at college and I think I have developed a bit in those two years and my website also got so far. (Explore it. You will find interesting things) I need to thank you all. Your comments, emails, and ideas of you brought me so far. So, thank you all. Merry Christmas.

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