Cheer your upset stomach in 5 easy steps

Everyone has an upset stomach at some point or another. This tends to be an acute episode, but it can also be painful and have a detrimental impact on the quality of your life.

Rather than suffering and trying to ride it out, a stomach bug or irritated tummy needs treatment. These home remedies and ideas to ease your cramps, nausea, and digestive issues will help you to recover more quickly and come through your bout with an upset stomach without going through such a rough ride.


While you might love a bit of ginger in your spicy Chinese stir fry, now is not the time to be putting such fiery flavours into your stomach. Instead, utilise the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger by sipping some ginger tea or by taking some ginger capsules. Ginger can be soothing for your stomach and can prevent your digestive system from going into overdrive. There is also strong evidence that ginger eases any feelings of nausea that you may have.


If your stomach is in knots, you are stuck in the bathroom for hours at a time, and you are struggling to function, it might be time for some medication to relieve your symptoms. Think about taking diarrhea tablets if your bowels are suffering. These are vital if you cannot keep water down, you aren’t eating and you are at risk of dehydration. Couple these tablets with some rehydration salts to help you feel less weak and rebuild your energy.

Yogurt Or Milk

Yorgurt and milk for a healthy stomach

If you are suffering from some uncomfortable bloating, think about eating some of your favorite yogurt. Go for whatever flavor you like and enjoy the soothing effects that the thick cooling dairy product can have on your tummy lining. Milk also has the added bonus effect of preventing heartburn or indigestion sensations. Avoid any foods like beans, cauliflower, and cabbage that can cause bloating and wind.


When you are recovering from a stomach ache, fibre is your friend. Go for some dry wholemeal toast when you first start eating again. When you increase your food allowance, go for foods with whole grains, and enjoy eating high fibre foods in the morning. Opt for porridge, muesli, or a bowl of whole-grain cereal to boost your fibre intake first thing in the day. This gives you plenty of slow-release energy throughout the day.

Stay Active If You Can

When you are feeling poorly, you won’t have the energy to complete your usual exercise plan. Forget about forcing yourself to get to the gym and don’t even consider heading for a run or cycle ride.  However, by staying active, even if this means walking around your garden a couple of times, you can keep your digestive system moving. This can prevent wind and trapped gas, leaving you feeling more comfortable.

If you are suffering from a tummy ache, nausea, digestive issues, or abdominal discomfort, don’t worry. Follow this guide and you can cheer up your upset stomach in five simple steps.

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