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To become successful and effective future employees in the Electronic and Telecommunication field, we should maintain a strong physical and mental fitness. We can gain both of this mental and physical fitness by attending sports. Doing some sports not only means that we just play our favorite sport. It also prepares us for real-world Electronic and Telecommunication engineering works. We learn leadership, confidence, discipline, time management, and teamwork through sports, which we all will want for our careers. In the same way, sports help with our Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering career, Electronic and Telecommunication knowledge helps us to a better sports experience.

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In the career, we will have to work straight 8 hours, maybe more depending on our job. To bear these work times, we may need better stamina. Doing physical activities and exercises helps us to achieve better stamina and physical strength. And it helps with our circulatory system to a better oxygen supply to our muscles and our brain. It helps us to work with more energy and more clarity in our heads. Then it will lead us to an effective day.

With the new knowledge in the Electronic and Telecommunication field, the quality of today’s sports has improved revolutionary and getting better day by day. This revolution in sports started with the invention of the video camera. It makes the way for coaches and players to capture and analyses sports as never done before. It is the one of most important electronic devices that lead the performance of the games so much better.

The devices we can design to count the electronic timing, such as stopwatch cause every player’s, coaches’ and umpires’ work easier and it improves the accuracy of the decisions of games. It leads to very accurate time measurement. And also GPS devices use in a lot of modern sports.

In modern sports, wearable electronic devices that can measure players’ heartbeat and other vital signals, use to describe players’ health and movements. These wearable devices can transmit the details to computers at the same time using waves. These details help trainers to decide and improve players’ performance. And also, doctors can use these details to observe players’ health during the games which prevents injuries and reduce the risks.

We can use our knowledge to design and develop the latest equipment for coaches. As an example, recent devices designed for football called “Goal-line technology” can accurately tell where the ball has crossed the goal line or not. And same as in cricket there are so many electronic devices in the wicket to take decisions. Those can calculate the ball speed, ball pitch on the wicket, and trajectory of the ball after bounce. There are the newest tiny cameras used in every sport today that can place in places such as goal posts, wickets, racing cars, and even on the player.

In conclusion, sports Knowledge can use to develop a very effective Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer. And the knowledge of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering can use to maintain the best quality of sports. Today, every sport you can remember is using the electronic and telecommunication knowledge to analyze and make decisions. And it helps every player to become their best.

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