Goat and the Fox Story – Aesop’s Fables

Goat and the Fox Story - Aesop's Fables

A fox accidentally fell into a deep well. No matter how hard the fox tried to climb up, he could not. The fox was thinking of a way to get out when he suddenly saw a goat peering into the well. The fox thought he could do something to get out if he catch the goat to a talk.

“Friend……. my dear friend. Why are you peering there. Come on, if you want to drink water.”

The fox shouted.

“Who … who is there in the well?” ………. the goat was stunned.

“Why, Don’t you even recognize me now? I’m Mr.Fox … “

“Why it’s Mr.fox. Anyway why did you go down to the well over there …” The goat asked.

“Don’t you see? I went down to the well to drink water, and the water is just like silver, not only that, this water is the best water I’ve ever had in this world.” Fox said.

“Can’t you Mr.Fox give me some water from that well …” Asked the foolish goat.

“Why, Mr.Goat? Are you still suspicious about me? Don’t be silly.”

The goat felt ashamed when fox said that, “I should go down and taste this water.” Thought the goat. Then the goat jumped into the well without thinking twice.

Both the goat and the fox were inside the well. The goat drank water all over his stomach, and it was only after that he remembered he can’t get out of the well.

The goat and the fox Story
Goat and the Fox Story

“Mr.Fox, how am I getting off now …” The goat asked.

“If I can get out of the well, I’ll be not in this. I too have no way to get out from this well”

The fox said without counting. Suddenly the goat realized that he had been caught in a trap.

“If you hadn’t said so, I would not have gone down to the well.” Said the goat angrily.

“If I said so you won’t jump to the well. You know, before jump into a well, you should think of a way to get out.” Fox said.

‘That’s true. Now there is no point in fighting with the fox. How to get out of this well?’ The goat thought.

“OK … OK, there’s no point to quarrel. We both are in the well now.. Let’s get out. ” Goat said to the fox.

“That’s right, Mr.goat, that’s unity without unity. How do we get out without harmony? “

The fox said looking at the goat cunningly.

The goat began to think of a way to get out. But he didn’t came up with any idea. The fox spent some time pretending to think.

“How are you, friend? Any idea?”

“No, Me.Fox. I’m always been a stupid and you’re still smart. Do you have an idea? ” The goat asked.

“E\Why not? There is a way out of here.” Fox scratched his head and begin to tell his plan.

“It’s not that hard. You can stand on two legs and put your hands against the wall. Then I’m very carefully climbing on your shoulder, grab the edge of the well and then I climb up. Then I’m up. You’re still in the well. Then I’m going to break the nearest vine and put it in the well. Then you can tie it around your waist. I can pull you up. At last we both are up” The fox described his plan.

When goat heard the plan of the fox, he immediately liked it. Goat clasped his hands against the wall and stood on two legs. The fox carefully climbed on goat’s shoulder and jumped ashore.

“Mr.Fox. Put a vine quickly.” Said goat looking up.

The goat could not hear any sound of the fox coming out to the well. After a while the fox peered at the well.

“These stupid goats. I’m not able to pick you up. Get out the same way you jumped. That’s why it says THINK BEFORE JUMP.”

The cunning fox went away leaving the good goat inside the well.

Goat and the fox is a story of Aesop’s fables.

Moral : Think before jump!

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Goat and the Fox Story - Aesop's Fables

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