History of Socialism


“The brutal policy of man-to-man exploitation must be eradicated from the face of the earth. It will be an armed struggle waged by the unity of the oppressed, the peasantry and the working class. Only poverty, but there is a world to be won. “

The historical document Communist Manifesto was published as far back as 1848. It was the brainchild of two eminent thinkers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

But the practical implementation of socialism and revolution confined to documents was demonstrated under the leadership of Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin of Russia. Russia won the October Revolution and created Soviet Russia. Many other countries adopted the same ideological political groups. The Socialists were finally able to become a political group that changed world history. This international revolutionary movement was known as the Third International during and after Lenin’s.

According to the new political impulses of World War II, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Albania and East Germany came under communist rule. Not by a class struggle, but by the armed forces of the Red Army, which fought against Hitler’s Nazi forces.

A large part of the world began to be ruled by communist political theory in 1949, when China, under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung, embraced communism. The Chinese Revolution was not a struggle of workers according to Marx’s teachings. The model of the Chinese Revolution was the armed struggle of the rural peasantry against the hegemonic rule.

After China’s embrace of socialism, that influence and support led to the formation of communist and revolutionary organizations in many countries in Southeast Asia.

socialism history

Kim Il Sung of Korea, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, Supanowang of Laos, Kiu Sampan of Cambodia are just a few. This is how socialist states such as North Korea and North Vietnam came into being. They were able to reach the peak of their socialist revolutions on January 1, 1959, with the victory of the Cuban Revolution under the leadership of Fidel Castro. America was greatly humiliated. The revolutionaries were able to subvert the Cuban Revolution and defeat the United States, which used all its subterfuges and wealth and power. Did not happen .This victory caused immense inspiration to those who valued socialism around the world.

Not only did these countries rule the country based on socialism, but China and Russia were able to become world powers. In Russia, workers who had been neglected until then were given a place. Everyone got equal rights. Everyone worked hard for the country. Worked for the future of the country. Created a generation of student students who love the country.

China is second to none. (I will bring an article about Red China later.) Hundreds of thousands of volunteers were distributed in China. There were hundreds of volunteers in China. Cultivated. All the Chinese cultivated each other’s lands like the best in Sri Lanka. The Chinese farmer who was not lazy all year round was able to cultivate. These are separate stories. I just jumped off the topic. I’ll get to the first story.

According to Marx, socialism has come a long way in the world now. Needless to say, tomorrow’s a happy future without cutting the throats for money.

See you in the next article.

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