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Start by changing in yourself what you want to change around you”


Do you remember all that Gandhi accomplished? Let us remember it.

Gandhi was the pioneer of the movement for the defense of human values and social justice. Gandhi was an iconic figure as an Indian political leader and spiritual guide. Besides, he was also a lawyer. Having studied Law in Great Britain, he set up several actions that will notably initiate the movement called: the ” satyāgraha” (respect for the truth and self-control). It was a movement against oppression, based on non-violence and the rejection of fear. Therefore, he wanted to forge a relationship of love and mutual respect with his neighbor.

His actions for peace and tolerance will inspire leaders around the world, which led to India’s independence. In particular, he initiated historic movements for his country, such as aid for the poor, the liberation of women, or even discrimination between castes. His last fight was for the peace of religions between Hindus and Muslims, by starting yet another strike of the end. He was assassinated on the evening of January 30, 1948, by an extremist wishing for a new Hindu state: ” Hindouhistan “, instead of India. Her murderer was tried and then hanged.

How does that inspire me?

Through this quote, one can better understand all the inner work that Gandhi had to go through to overcome his anger at the injustice and dysfunctions of his own country. He was so involved that he went so far as to put his health on the line. Going back in history, Gandhi was the victim of relentless racist acts by the whites of the time. For example, he was forced to get out of a train compartment, in first class. Therefore, this explains why he led his movements with so much infatuation and passion.

He couldn’t have any hold on what was going on socially, especially in such a tight society back then. Gandhi was acting, at his level, on what he could do best: direct all his anger and hatred on movements in the name of love for his people. He thus wished to bring humanity to the awakening, through acts of peace, to try to change mentalities. A stature is worthy of his model: Jesus.

How to use it for yourself?

This sentence can therefore reason in each of us as an encouragement of a specific point to work on ourselves. How do we want to fight today to develop personally? How does this or that event impact us, what is our flaw and how can we act on it?

For me, this phrase is like “never stop making your life an awakening experience to become the best version of yourself and never regret anything”. Folks, time is so precious, let’s take care of it (yes, I’m nostalgic, it’s my birthday soon).

Listening to yourself. Let yourself be guided, no longer by the incentives of the outside world, but by an internal emergency ”


Symbol of love and passionate adventures, the story of Etty Hillesum touched me a lot. Jewish, she died in Auschwitz in 1943. She leaves behind a newspaper and letters that have upset millions of readers. A great figure in contemporary spirituality, she was already well aware of her fate. She decided despite everything, to fight in the name of love and life When you read the stories of Etty Hillesum ‘s story, you are immediately impressed by her ability to have displayed such greatness of mind. She writes I will help you, my God, not to extinguish yourself in me, but I cannot guarantee anything in advance.

One thing, however, is becoming clearer to me, it is not you who can help us, but we who can help you – and in doing so we help ourselves. This is all that it is possible to save in this time and it is the only thing that matters, a little of you in us, my God… It appears to me more and more clearly, almost with each pulse of m that you cannot help us, but that it is up to us to help you and to defend, to the end, the dwelling which shelters you in us. “

Born too early, she knew she could not act against the destructive ideals of the society of her time. She knew that her transfer to the concentration camps was only a matter of time. Despite this,

she decided to lead the existence of a free woman, ready for daring, in love with life, with her passionate and complex love stories. When she was transferred to the concentration camps, she simply accepted her fate. Her goal: to help the people at the camp receive all the love she could still give before she disappears She leaves us with great grace, writing on the last page of her diary:

” I broke my body like bread and shared it between men” and “Of course, it’s complete extermination, but let us endure it at least with grace. ” Now, read his writings in the second paragraph by having the view of Etty. Going beyond religion, see the woman of character that she was, who only wanted to feel life, with positivity.

How does that inspire me?

Knowing Etty’s story brings a bit more humorous side to his quote. We understand that she did not care what society wanted to impose on her. Her priority was to live her life as she saw fit. And if the circumstances meant that she had to undergo a painful ordeal, then she would go with her head held high. She was a real heroine worthy of a Marvel or a film by Quentin Tarantino (director of the film ” Kill Bill” ).

How to use it for yourself?

This quote inspires us to live the present moment of life with love and positivity. No matter what trials we have to go through in our lifetime, we just have to go there with our heads held high. And then, tomorrow is another day … It is more rewarding to live your adventures following what you want to live than to stay and do what the outside world requires.

Do not hesitate to leave me your impressions, testimonials … In the comments. Thank you for reading to me and see you very soon for new anti-depression days!

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