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Today We brought a short inspirational Story about a family. This inspirational story will 100% inspire you to cause, interestingly, we will share some amazing facts in this story. This is the story of the British family.The family is amazing so read the full of this inspirational stories

The British Royal Family Tree

Find out why the British family don’t use his last name

Although the Queen of Great Britain and her family are public figures, few people know their last name. Some even think they don’t Bright Side has discovered that the Royal Family does indeed have a name, but it is rarely used. Our editorial staff also discovered the reason.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, with Princess Charlotte in her arms, Prince George, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philippe enjoy the air show from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The British monarchs do not use their name for good reason: they do not just need. They are so famous that everyone recognizes them, making this type of paperwork completely unnecessary Also, until 1917, the members of the royal family did not have a common name: they used their first names and the names of the dynasties to which they belonged, until Georges V decided to change this tradition.

Russian Tsar Nicholas II (left) and King George V (right) were cousins and looked very similar, as were their mothers, sisters Dagmar and Alexandra.In fact, Georges V belonged to the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha dynasty . This name had German roots, which provoked unpleasant associations during the First World War.

The king decided to change the unpopular name of his dynasty to a more suitable name, and chose that of Windsor , which was that of one of the castles that the royal family owned. Still, George V not only changed the name of the dynasty, but also made the name Windsor official for the entire British royal family
Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at the Palace of Westminster.

In 1947, Princess Elizabeth II married Philip Mountbatten, Prince of Denmark and Greece, enlisted in the service of the British Army. The royal family’s name would now be Mountbatten-Windsor , but it is not widely used.

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding day

It’s curious: the British Queen does not have a passport , but that does not prevent her from traveling everywhere, all over the world. In fact, the monarchs who are in power cannot have passports because it is impossible to issue one for themselves. Indeed, in Great Britain, passports are issued by His Majesty. So, to cross the border, the queen only has to present a ticket with her portrait Of course, the Queen doesn’t need to get a driver’s license either. She got it anyway in 1945!
Harry Wales, it is under this name that Prince Harry did his military service.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

So we have seen that members of the royal family are not required to bear their name, but in some cases however, they do (at school, for example). For this, they still have a large choice at their disposal.

For example, Princes William and Harry did their military service under the name Wales , because their father Charles is the Prince of Wales. The Queen’s other grandchildren (Princess Anne’s children) took their father’s name, Phillips . And Elizabeth II’s other granddaughter (Prince Edward’s daughter) uses the name Windsor without the first part, “Mountbatten All this variety of names and titles gives rise to a lot of confusion. No wonder then that nowadays, just like 100 years ago, the royal family prefers not to use names, unless absolutely necessary.

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