Nails in the Fence – Inspirational Short Story

Nails in the Fence - Inspirational Short Story - Anger Control

There was a young boy that he couldn’t control his anger and started making trouble with everyone. This started to become a big problem for this boy’s father. The father always thought about how to solve this problem. One day, this father had a good idea.

While handing a bag of nails and a hammer to this son, the father said this.
“My son, Every time you gets angry, take a nail from this and nail it to the wooden fence of the house.”,
Boy loved this job.

The thing is, by the end of the first day, the boy had driven about 37 nails into the wooden fence. “The boy is driven with anger” When the father saw this, he thought.

Days passed like this. The boy continued to nail. After a few weeks, surprisingly this boy started to control his anger. Therefore, the number of nails hitting the fence gradually decreased day by day.

After a long time, the little boy realized that controlling his anger is easier than nailing the fence every day.

Finally, there was a day when he did not get angry. The boy felt a little proud of himself. He immediately went and told his father about this.

The father was not only happy after hearing this, he also made another new proposal to his son.
“You did well in the first test. Now you control your anger. Remove all the nails from the fence now.” Father suggested to his son.

A few weeks passed and finally the boy’s anger was controlled and the day came when all the nails were removed. The boy immediately went and told his father.

Father is very happy now. Father took the little boy by the hand and went to the fence.
“You did the work I told you very well.” He said.

“But look at the holes in this fence.”

“Because of these nail holes, this fence can never be restored to its original condition.”

“And it’s the same. If you get angry and rebuke someone for what they say or do, like the holes in the fence, permanent scars are formed in someone’s heart. no matter how many times you forgive them after the anger goes away, the wounds in their hearts are always there like this”.

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