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Nicola tesla

Who is this Tesla ??

Who is the man that invented the 20th century? If someone asks, you will give different names, but my answer will definitely be Nkola Tesla. Then who is this Tesla?

Let me tell you a little bit about Tesla, the man who invented the 20th century, the wizard of electricity.

One day in 1884, a young Austrian man of Siberian descent came to see Thomas Alva Edison. He comes with a letter written by his original entrepreneur, Charles Butcher. The letter states,
“There are two greats I know in the world. One is you and the other is the one who brings this letter.”

The world has come to realize that the man introduced by Charles Butler, who wrote this article, is indeed as great as Thomas Alva Edison.

Because no one but him has worked in many fields of knowledge and hundreds of years of vision. That is none other than the great designer Nikola Tesla. Tesla is an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and pioneer who has made great contributions to the world. But as you read this article, you will see for yourself, whether Edison is such a great man.

This great designer was born into a Serbian family in Croatia. But it’s a bit strange, Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, a village in Lika, near the Austro-Hungarian border at the time. But after a while, it became Yugoslavia. But now it is known as Croatia. However, Tesla’s parents were Serbian, so Tesla was born a Serbian. Tesla was born on June 10, 1856, in the middle of the night. That is why he was also known as the “child born of electricity”. He was the fourth child in a family of five. He had three sisters (Milka, Anginona and Marika) and one brother. Unfortunately, when Tesla was five years old, his brother (Dane) fell from a chariot and died.

In 1861 Tesla attended German elementary school and studied German, mathematics and religion. This great man has “his own patent, not his own, and a Nobel Prize.” And by the time you finish reading this article you will understand how well the above I used to introduce him fits.

Little Tesla, who saw the various tools and methods his mother had designed to make homework easier, wanted to learn technology. His father was an Orthodox priest, and he wanted his son to become a priest. This conflict continued.
But when Tesla became seriously ill with cholera, his father came and asked if he could cure him. That’s when Tesla said, “If I’m going to recover from this illness, Dad has to promise me something.” In the end, not only did Dad agree with Tesla to become an engineer, as Tesla thought. I also help to go to any suitable university.

He obtained a scholarship to study electrical engineering and began his studies but did not complete his degree.
Although Tesla later became a university student and gambled, Tesla became adept at using the money to make money. They say that Tesla’s sleep is so high that he will soon become mentally ill. According to Tesla, he continued to study from 3 in the morning until 11 at night. Although Tesla later dropped out of engineering, the reasons are still unclear.

Tesla, who does not stay until graduation, makes the most positive decision of his life. That’s migrating to America. He comes to America with a few outfits, some money for travel expenses and just a letter introducing himself. Edison first worked as a train worker for Tesla and then went to work for Edison through one of his closest friends.
There, Tesla has been doing a lot of research and design for a long time. Edison knew and sold DC (direct current) electricity. At that time it was a very expensive and inefficient service.
Below are the common weaknesses of DC current as we know it.

  • Requires a power plant for every square mile,
  • Requires thick wires for transmission,
  • Excessive fires,
  • High cost of repairing electrical damage caused by fire

For some reason Edison was able to make huge profits from this business. Realizing that Tesla is superior to him, Edison assigns Tesla a very important task. That project was to troubleshoot his DC generators and motors. He also promises to pay Tesla a large sum of money. That is, he promises to pay $ 50,000 (which is said to be close to $ 3 million at the time).

So Tesla finished the job day and night, handing it over to Edison and asking for the promised money. Tesla hopes to use the money to start his new research project.

Refusing to pay with a laugh, Edison tells Tesla,

“Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor” (“Tesla, you don’t know about American jokes”)

Nikola Tesla VS Thomas Alva Edison
Nikola Tesla VS Thomas Alva Edison:

For this reason, and after his disappointment, Tesla resigned from Edison’s General Electrical Company and worked for a while as a digger in New York City. With the money he earned, he started his own laboratory. J.P. agrees to provide financial support for this. Morgan and George Westinghouse are the only two companies.

At this time there was only Edison’s direct current system. As I mentioned earlier, it is a very expensive and inefficient method. Realizing this, Tesla introduces AC to the world.

Advantages of AC current

  • One power plant is sufficient for a large area
  • No electronic flow
  • Secure
  • Reduce product maintenance costs,
  • Reduce distribution costs

This method is still used all over the world. He also obtains a patent for this purpose. George Westinghouse later bought the patent for $ 1 million. But Tesla also spends this money on his inventions.

However, the new AC system was a blow to Edison’s business. So Edison was not idle about this. He finds several pets, a horse and an elephant, and burns them alive with AC (AC) to show that the AC is dangerous.

However, it is Mr. Edison himself who has proposed to the government to use alternating current to give the death penalty to prisoners. He also uses alternating current (AC) to create electric chairs for the execution of humans. But Tesla gives a wonderful answer to this.

He wore a Faraday cage-like suit and publicly sent a huge amount of electricity through his body to show that his product was safe. In the end, Edison’s tactic to defeat Tesla led Tesla to go even further. And so on
After the introduction of the system, his direct current dynamo and related products business was severely affected.

Meanwhile, the day is approaching to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of “Christopher Columbus” in the United States. It’s America’s getting ready to celebrate. To this end, a large trade fair is planned to be held in Chicago. (It’s called World’s Colombian Exposition / World’s Fair) It’s calling for tenders. Like Tesla, Edison is competing in this tender. But it was won by Tesla, courtesy of Westinghouse. The reason is that only half the cost of direct current lighting is spent on this. So it is not surprising to get the tender. But after receiving the tender, Tesla has to face a big crisis. Since Mr. Edison could not get that tender, he is embarrassing Tesla. Since Edison had the patent for the light bulb, Tesla was banned from using light bulbs. So what kind of lighting without bulbs? If that happened to us, wouldn’t we? But Tesla finds a wonderful solution. That’s the gas bulb. (Current CFL concept.) That work succeeds. That was the first time in history that electric lighting was used. With this, Tesla becomes world famous.

The commission, which is currently in charge of Niagara Falls, has been considering a series of proposals and a series of competitions over the years as to what is the most suitable system for generating and transmitting electricity from Niagara Falls. But the commission in charge of Niagara Falls, which saw Tesla’s great success and superior ability, allowed Tesla to experiment with generating alternating currents using water power. Niagara Falls is about 20 miles from Buffalo Falls, the nearest city that can be used to generate electricity, so direct current transmission is not practical at all. Therefore, Tesla’s retrospective experiments are freely allowed. Tesla was not present when the Niagara Falls Hydro Transmission switch was opened. He was just as confident that it was working properly. It is the world’s first hydroelectric power plant. The statue near Niagara Falls is a tribute to Tesla’s masterpiece.

The world says Marconi invented radio. But what he actually did was send the world’s first radio message using Tesla’s inventions and 17 patents (removing a radio and using the Tesla coil on it)., See transistors, etc.). Marconi will also receive the Nobel Prize for this. That is why I initially said, “If only he had his own patent and a Nobel Prize.” Tesla responded to the media.

“Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my Patents”

As six months after Tesla’s death in 1943, Tesla was honored to rediscover radio, but the majority of the world still does not know it.

He was never a man who pursued fame. When people stole his ideas, Tesla was shocked that he only had the problem of not having that attitude in other people’s minds when the concept was being brainwashed.

Another discovery made by Tesla around 1898 was the remote control. Today, Tesla’s invention is used in almost every device, from television to satellite. Another concept introduced by Tesla in 1917 was the determination of the speed and location of an object by reflecting radio waves. Although it was Tesla’s intention to use it for security purposes, Edison, then a Navy officer, prevented it. Robert Watson discovered the “radar” years later. After 17 years. Tesla really deserves the credit.

Wilhelm Rentgen to find X-ray 8 years ago, Tesla used X-rays to test. For Tesla, those things were just by-products of his experiments.

When it comes to Tesla, there is something else that cannot be ignored. About the “Tesla Coil”. Let’s see what this concept is. Everyone knows about “wireless” or wireless transmission. I’m not wrong if I say wireless power transmission from the Tesla coil. That was the beginning of the design to transmit electricity through space (just like radio waves travel). In this way, the electricity transmitted through space can be simply transferred to a receiver (like a bulb), without any wires being pulled. This means that when transmitting a Tesla coil, a light bulb within that range simply ignites, but without causing harm to humans. Then think, if this is implemented in practice, do we have to suffer if we do not have an extension code or connect the phone to the charge or will it be charged while still in hand ??

When Tesla went to the state of Colorado to investigate, people thought he was a madman who worked for God. Coming back to New York, Tesla’s idea was to build a huge Tesla tower and transmit electricity, music, and radio waves to the rest of the world. He finds a sponsor named “Morgan” for this.

But, unfortunately, while the tower was being built, Google transmits radio waves to Marconi, so Morgan thinks it makes no sense to sponsor this anymore. He does not realize that Tesla’s design goes far beyond radio transmission. Work on the tower stops halfway. Because of this we lose the wonderful gift that Tesla was supposed to give to the world.

The following are some of Tesla’s masterpieces.

  1. Remote control.
  2. Wireless communication.
  3. Neon lights.
  4. Fluorescent lights (tube lights).
  5. AC motor (from the air conditioning in the fan of the blender to the massive machines in the factory to the AC motor).
  6. A floating saucer that travels on an electromagnetic field
  7. Wireless power transmission
  8. Basic findings related to transistor.

He researched Cryogenic Engineering which is still in the experimental stage (100 years ago).

He was the first scientist in the world to record radio waves coming from space.

Designer of seismic machine. (The whole of New York City felt the earthquake when it was tested here. This technology (HAARP) can also control the weather and is considered the most dangerous weapon in the world)

The scientist who discovered the Earth’s resonant frequency (it took another 50 years for scientists around the world to confirm this value).

Scientists still cannot say exactly how ball lightning occurs. But in the 1890s, Tesla created ball lightning.
Tesla dies in 1943 in his room at the New York Hotel, alone. Hotel staff find out he’s dead a day or two later. At the same time, the US government takes over all of Tesla’s files. For that reason. That was during World War II. They knew that some of Tesla’s tests would be devastating if they fell into the hands of the enemy.

Although many of the concepts put forward by Tesla at the time were discarded by society at the time, they are still used by about eighty percent of the modern world. Tesla introduces radiant energy, predicting a potential energy crisis in the future (such as oil and coal as non-renewable resources). The production of solar cells begins to take advantage of the infinite energy we receive from the universe. Tesla was someone who lived in the future. Don’t you think he was “the right man born at the wrong time”? Said. Nowadays, it is certain that a person who presents such concepts is very rich.

But Tesla lived a poor life. For nearly a century, money was spent on future experiments, so there was no return. O

While Hugh’s discoveries were praised by others, Tesla devoted his time and money to giving his money and other wonderful things to the world without expecting anything in return. Many people know that the General Conference on Weights and Weights named the SI unit of magnetic flux density Tesla in honor of Tesla.
July 10 is Tesla Day. I do not think it’s wrong to set aside days of the year for him.

From time immemorial, Nikola Tesla has been regarded as one of the craziest people in the world due to his frequent research in electricity, including lightning.

He devoted his entire life to his research and was not so friendly with ordinary people. As a result, he became known for some time as a strange man with some magical powers. Even other scientists who worked with him could understand some of Tesla’s ideas. There were none.

Marriage is love and sex

Nikola Tesla was never married. He did not have much interest in worldly life and the idea that marriage would interfere with research was partly to blame. When her friend asked about it, Tesla often told him that she had never married Isaac Newton, whom he considered his hero. He was also of the opinion that not having sex was a cause of intellectual development. As a result, he stopped associating with women outside of research. He once said,

“I don’t think you can name many of the inventions made by married men.”

Nikola Tesla

Touching another person is something he did not do. According to The Secret of Nikola Tesla (The Secret of Nikola Tesla, 1979).

According to him, woman was the source of the man’s spiritual flow and believed that only writers and musicians should marry.

He loved pigeons extraordinarily and he fed many pigeons in the park. Tesla did not stop there. He found the sick pigeons and brought them back to his hotel room. Tesla’s love of pigeons was puzzled by the fact that the inventor was so obsessed with germs that Tesla never married, but admitted that he was in love with a special white dove that he regularly visited. “I fell in love with a dove because a man loves a woman. She loved me. He once said. Can you expect something like that from this mysterious man, friends?


He had an unusual memory. Once he read a book, he had an unusual memory of rewriting the book in the same way. For that reason, when Tesla’s laboratory caught fire during the current battle, it never interfered with his experiments. His ability to compute his mental state while studying at university made him a fraud.
Disliking obese people.

One of the strange qualities of Nikola Tesla is that he cannot show obese or obese people. Even when working with a Tesla man who was in good health and with a slim body, he was curious as to whether the person in question was obese or not. Tesla fired several of his assistants who were working under him due to his obesity. Tesla’s article criticizing the death of Thomas Alva Edison in 1931, criticizing his obesity, can be considered the culmination of this.
Sleep and related behaviors.

It’s essential for a healthy person to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. However, for some reason Nikola Tesla rarely slept more than 3 hours a day. Many reporters report that he often wakes up 30 to 40 hours straight and does research. At one point, he worked tirelessly for 84 hours without sleep.
Suffering from myophobia

He tried to avoid touching objects that could have a large amount of surface bacteria. If a fly landed on a table in a restaurant where Nikola Tesla was sitting, he insisted on changing the tablecloths and cutlets. Although he insisted that the plates and spoons and forks be sterilized in some way, he still wiped them with a towel. No one else was allowed to sit at his desk in the restaurant. He had a really sick fear of infection, so he threw away his gloves after using one, shaking hands, and washing his hands regularly with a new towel. He consumed at least 18 servings a day. By the way, this phobia is understandable, as Tesla became seriously ill twice as a young man, and after enduring cholera, he was largely a victim.

Shake handing

His reluctance to shake hands was not simply based on the presence of microorganisms, and he had another reason to do so, which could only strike Tesla: “I do not want my electromagnetic field to be polluted.”
He hated those who wore pearls and jewels.
He is a vegetarian
He had a special attitude towards number three.
Hotel rooms divided into three sections, hand washing three times and walking three times before entering a building. Mania is a manifestation of manic-compression disorder (OCD)

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