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“Is this how Happiness is written?” Did you see that? Yeah. The letters are wrong. You will see why the name of this movie (The PURSUIT of HAPPYNESS) also is wrong, when you watch it.

What is happiness? Is it something you get? Is it something you want to get? Who decides that? When you watch this film you will see what is true happiness and how it is obtained.

The film, The PURSUIT of HAPPYNESS premiered on December 25, 2006. Created by Columbia Pictures, the two main characters are played by Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. In this film, the characters are portrayed in the father and son. (Yeah. The same is true in the After Earth)

This is a story based on a true inspirational story of Chris Gardner. He (the real Chris Gardner) appears in a small scene in this movie . This story has been able to show you the difficult journey he took. Things like curiosity, sensitivity, love will continue to be felt in the heart.


Will Smith (left) and Jaden Christopher Syre Smith star in Columbia PicturesÕ drama The Pursuit of Happyness. Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal

Chris Gardner (Will) is a professional seller of mobile bone scanners. He and his wife Linda spend all their assets to buy these scanners. But they are not selling as well as they thought they would. That’s why Crisis is completely lost. Linda is a hotel maid. Chris’ career failed and she had to do both shifts during the day.

Their cute and still five year old boy is also named Christopher. (Jr)
With not a single dollar in hand, no place to stay, Chris tries to change his life while taking care of his five-year-old son. What kind of sacrifice is being made for that. see. That may be the only real sacrifice you have ever seen. This film manages to captivate our eyes till the end.

You will feel a lot in your mind throughout this 117 minute long film.
Will Smith’s roles are extremely diverse (think about Aladdin, After Earth, Suicide Squad. Three whole different characters. ) He was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award for his performance in the film. The film grossed $ 27 million in its first week. IMDb rating of 8/10 is 67% of the Tomato Index. A number of other reports are available.

But you watch the film. So you have to decide what is good and what is bad. So I invite you to watch this these days, almost thirteen years after its release.

There are thousands of things to say about this, but they are not said. It is very difficult to translate those emotions into words. Therefore, I request you to feel that feeling as soon as you watch the story …

Then don’t forget to find out about Chris Gardner.

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