The Scared Tiger – Short Stories for Kids

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Figure of a Scared Tiger- Short Stories for kids

It was rainy season and unimaginable rains were pounding the jungle. A mama goat and her child got caught in the rain. The mama goat was scared, petrified of what might happen to her cubs. The rain was pouring down so thick, it blurred her vision towards the way to her home. She was also worried about her husband who had earlier left for the deeper parts of the jungle for food. Suddenly, things took a bad tun as it started to thunder.

The mama goat tried to reassure herself. But the little goat couldn’t hold back his fear and yelped.

The mama goat tried to focus and soon she spotted the glimpse of entrance to a cave. She slowly treadled towards the cave and managed to reach there along with her cub.

She then licked the cool water from cub’s smooth fur and gave him a warm hug. After they settled down, the tired cub fell asleep in few minutes.

Mama goat was tried too as she had just come out from a hurricane. She too wanted to sleep. But she couldn’t for the moment she closed her eyes, she felt a strange presence around her. She looked at her sleeping child again.

On looking carefully, she spotted something which scared her. Behind the cave, there was a mountain of animal skeletons of various shapes and sizes. It didn’t take her long to understand the situation.

They had taken residence in a tiger’s cave. They were in a grave danger and needed to escape as soon as possible. She took one glance at her sleeping child and the rain beating thunderously outside. It was dangerous to go outside but if the tiger came in the cave, they would die anyway.

Just thinking about it gave her chills. She nudged her child to wake up and as soon as she looked up, she spotted a huge tiger coming her way.

Running was pointless. Tigers were known to have sharp vision and she didn’t think her young one could run fast enough. Besides, the events of the day had already left them exhausted.

Mama goat was scared to her bones. But she refused to let her child die in such a gruesome manner. She was thinking hard now. “What can I possibly do?”, she questioned herself. Suddenly, a crazy idea struck her. She took a deep breath and thought it through, wishing all the while that her child wouldn’t wake up.

She waited till the tiger approached her enough to hear her voice. Then, she spoke in a deep, loud voice, “O my child! Stop crying. When the tiger of this cave is back, I will kill him and give his meat to you to eat. Wait till he comes back.”

The tiger had heard the mama goat. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. “There’s something in my cave and it wants to eat me”, he said to himself. The tiger was scared for his life, for he thought the creature waiting in the cave was so strong that it could even eat a tiger! Surely, that must be a dangerous animal! The tiger had turned around and had started running in the other direction when he saw his friend, the fox, and stopped in his tracks.

The fox could see his brave friend tremble with fear. He helped the tiger who was still breathing hard, calm down. He then asked him. “What is wrong? Why are you scared, tiger?” He had never seen his powerful friend tiger so scared.

 The tiger looked ashamed of himself. He told the fox what happened. The fox too was scared. But he was also cunning and wise. He figured was a trap. So, he decided to go into the tiger’s cave and see the monster for himself.

“My friend, I don’t think there is any animal in this jungle who can eat you. This must be a trap. Come. We shall both go together and check what is in the cave,” the fox said.

However, the tiger was so scared, he never wanted to go near his cave again. “No, I’m not going back there.”, he said to the fox.

The fox understood the tiger’s plight. He did not push his friend further. “Please wait here. I’ll go and see for myself”, he said to him. Having said this to the tiger, he left.

It wasn’t raining as heavily as before anymore. The fox approached the cave and hid behind the rocks at the entrance. He then saw the mama goat and her child in the cave, looked back at the tiger, and smiled at him.

The mighty tiger was scared of a goat!  How funny! Having seen the goats, the fox was now tempted to feast on them.

He turned back and ran to the tiger who was still shaking. He then told to the tiger what he saw inside the cave. The tiger refused trust him. “I heard it. If I go back, the monster will not spare me.” , said the tiger.

 But the fox remained adamant. He thought of a way to convince his friend to come with him. He grabbed a strong strand of vine lying nearby and said to the tiger. “Let’s tie ourselves together with this. Then I can show you what’s inside the cave. This way, you can be assured that I won’t run away leaving you alone.”

The tiger liked this idea. The fox tied both his neck and the tiger’s neck together using the vine. Then, both slowly walked in the direction of the cave.

The mama goat had been watching them all this time. It had stopped raining now. Having scared the tiger away, the mama goat was ready to escape the cave when she saw a stranger sight. The tiger was approaching the cave with the fox in the lead. Both their necks were tied together.

They were coming at her. them. She didn’t know what to do anymore. These were two predators and it was hopeless fighting against them. Instead, she hid behind a rock near the entrance and waited till they approached her. Then she spoke loudly in her deep voice again.

“What is this? Fox, I had asked you to bring two tigers. You just brought a one. And he too is not big enough for me. For this insult, I’m going to eat you too.”

That was it for the tiger. He turned around and started running in the opposite direction of the cave, completely forgetting about the fox tied to him with the vine. The fox got pulled after the tiger. As the tiger ran, the fox got hit by rocks and trees and got wounded. He screamed at the tiger to stop but the scared tiger didn’t hear him and kept running. When the vine finally snapped, the fox was released but he was so tired and wounded that he didn’t have the strength to stand up.

 The mama goat woke her child up and together they left the cave and went home. After that, the tiger didn’t go near his cave for a long time.

Moral: If you use your brain in hard situations, you will find a way to solve any problem.It’s always possible to overcome a tough situation throughout of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options you think you have to pick from.

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Our good readers!!!Stay with us and we will bring you amazing stories like we did past.


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