Time for yourself: the key to Geneviève Fortier ‘s Success

Geneviève Fortier

Giving yourself time for yourself, to take stock, to reflect and to question yourself, a necessity according to Geneviève Fortier . The CEO at Promutuel Insurance calls it “creating space”. The goal ? Give yourself moments of reflection, as often as possible, to stay anchored and get closer to your ambitions.

The leader of the 100 Days Challenge , one of the training paths of L’effet A, had the ultimate experience in the fall of 2017 when she left, without a plan B, her job at McKesson, an organization that ‘she enjoyed and for whom she had worked for almost eleven years. “I needed to take a step back to focus on my professional goals and explore the opportunities that might be available to me,” she says.

Far from being counterproductive, this downtime not only allowed her to propel himself, but also to fulfill one of her dreams. She explains to us.

Geneviève Fortier - Chief Executive Officer 
Promutuel Insurance
Geneviève Fortier

Geneviève, why is it important to learn to “create space”?

To achieve our career goals, we need to know how to occupy space with confidence. To have the feeling that we are solid, that we know why we are doing things and how we are going to achieve it. Unfortunately, at the rate things are going, it is not always easy. Making the right decisions and seeing the opportunities come requires space for reflection and action.

How do you go about “creating space”?

Not everyone has to quit their job like I did to make space for themselves (laughs). There are several ways to do this. We can, for example, block a moment each week to write in his logbook . It can also be thanks to sport . Others will get up an hour before the children in the morning in order to take time for them. Setting aside time for yourself on a daily or weekly basis is a wonderful habit to adopt.

Some women experience the guilt of stopping to think about themselves and their needs. What would you like to tell them to help them develop this skill?

This guilt, I myself have felt. I thought at the time that it was wrong to withdraw for an hour or two in my office to stop and take stock. I thought I had to work non-stop to be productive. However, it is quite the opposite! The most productive leaders in their organization are those who stop to take a step back. They understood that the moments that we create for ourselves also benefit others – the team and the company. When you perceive it that way, it helps to free yourself from guilt.

The most productive leaders in their organization are those who stop to take a step back. They understood that the moments that we create for ourselves also benefit others.

Geneviève Fortier; Can you tell us about a time when you put this concept into practice?

When I worked at McKesson Canada, I regularly thought about the next step in my career and how to get there. One day, I realized that I was never going to the end of my questions, because all my time was occupied with delivering various mandates. Space, there was none. I realized that if I didn’t create the space to empower myself to pursue my dream of running a business or industry in a large organization, it would probably never come to fruition, or at all. less, it would take several more years. So I decided that the time had come to leave McKesson Canada, without a safety net. I jumped into the void to give myself a break to reflect and explore.

What benefits did you derive from it?

Several opportunities presented themselves to me, and I provoked others. I took the time to go into each one of them. This allowed me to make a very informed choice and directly achieve my goal by obtaining the position of Senior Vice-President, Sales and Distribution at SSQ Insurance. When we create enough space in our head and in our life, we create the winning conditions for good things to happen for us.

You are one of the leaders of the 100 Days The Effect A Challenge training course. What advice would you like to give to participants?

The first is: trust yourself. When our instinct leads us to question the space we occupy, we must listen to it, because it is rarely wrong. Second thing: trust life. In my experience, virtually everyone who has chosen to redefine their space has done so for something better. In short, we must have confidence that if we dare to take the time to think and explore, we will find the right answers, those that will allow us to go further.

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